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Panoramic view of trois pistoles at sunset

French immersion and the town of Trois-Pistoles are made for each other. At the French Immersion School, we emphasize an integrated approach to learning. All elements of the program - the courses, the workshops, the homestay and the social and cultural activities - reinforce one another and maximize opportunities for you to hear and speak French and to enrich your cultural experience.

Western's 100% francophone environment at one of the most renowned French immersion schools in Canada, is a great way to learn a new language or upgrade and enhance existing language skills.

During your immersion experience you will:

  • Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Practice your speaking skills with other students at the same level of French
  • Explore and enjoy the culture of Quebec
  • Make lasting memories while experiencing something totally unique





Program Testimonial

Before I attended this program, I could not understand many words in French and my vocabulary was limited. This program taught me how to be more confident, that failure isn’t a bad thing and there will always be someone to help me. 

- Krista-Lee Clarke-Malaykhan, Concordia University