Explore Program

The first Explore draw was held on March 24. The Explore application portal will remain open until May 31 for any late applicants who are interested in applying for funding. 

The Department of Canadian Heritage offers the Explore Program which it has sponsored since 1970. Under this Program, Western University's French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec is provided funding for students (18+) who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who wish to learn French as their second official language.  

Upon successful completion of our Explore program, participants will have earned a full-year university French credit from Western. Courses are offered at all levels, from beginner to advanced, during the spring and summer. 

Spring Session

Summer Session



May 9 – June 10, 2022 

July 4 – August 5, 2022 

Program Fees

The Explore funding covers tuition, accommodation and meals, workshops and sociocultural activities. The application fee ($275), which is only required to accept a spot in the program, as well as any travel costs and personal spending are the responsibility of the student. 

Application Process 

To apply for Explore funding, please follow these three easy steps:  

  1. Apply online at englishfrench.ca. Be sure to list our school as your first or only choice when applying to increase your chance of being awarded a spot in our program.

  2. Follow the application instructions on the Explore website and submit any required documents to the Explore portal, by the application deadline listed on their website.

    * For Western students: As an exception in 2022, the Explore office will accept a copy of your Statement of Account from Student Center as proof of enrollment at Western in lieu of getting the Declaration Form stamped and signed. You will still need to sign the Declaration Form yourself and submit it along with a copy of your Statement of Account to the Explore portal.  

  3. Wait for the draw results. If you have been awarded a spot in our program, you will be notified by both your provincial coordinator and by the French Immersion School. You might be put on a waiting list but, don't despair! There are additional draws every week until all spots are awarded.

Credit - Western Students, including affiliate colleges

Upon successful completion of the Explore Program, you will have earned a full-year French credit from Western.  The French course, as well as your final grade, will automatically appear on your student account.

You may participate in Explore at other accredited universities for transfer credits provided the Faculty in which you are currently registered approves such courses in advance. The approval is subject to individual Faculty/Department regulations and is granted in the form of a Letter of Permission issued by the Registrar’s Office.

Credit - Visiting Students

Upon successful completion of the Explore Program, you will have earned a full-year French credit from Western University.  The French course, as well as your final grade, will automatically appear on your Western student account. If you would like to transfer this credit to your home institution, please contact the Registrar's Office at your school for more information about the transfer credit process. 




Program Testimonial

The Explore program in Trois-Pistoles is unparalleled. Being the fourth person in my family to come to Trois-Pistoles with Explore, I had extremely high expectations for the program, yet I did not expect them to be met, let alone surpassed. From the high quality of academic instruction, to the variety of extra-curricular activities, to the discovery of the culture and, most importantly to the relationships formed, Trois-Pistoles has been an unforgettable experience. It has reinvigorated my appetite for learning, rekindled my love of French and opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. Trois-Pistoles has undoubtedly changed my life and the laughter, the memories and the sunsets will be forever etched on my heart.

- Laura Sandre, St. Francis Xavier University