In accordance with the COVID-19 vaccination policy at Western University, which is in place until September 1, 2022, all participants of in-person programming in Trois-Pistoles will be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination, unless granted a rare exemption by Western.  

Live the language and culture of Quebec

Western University's French Immersion Programs offer the opportunity to participants from all over Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world, to improve their French skills and to learn more about Quebecois culture while achieving a personal or professional goal. 

The French Immersion School offers you an experience of a lifetime: a complete immersion environment, so that you not only learn French, but live the language and the culture of Quebec.

Did you know? Our School was established in Trois-Pistoles in 1932. We are excited to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our long-standing partnership this summer. 

Return to In-Person Programming

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering in-person programming in Trois-Pistoles this summer. We are excited to welcome you back to the French Immersion School. To learn more about how we will be prioritizing the health and safety of our participants, staff and community, please visit the Health and Safety information page. 

What we offer

University Credit Program

Our Five Week Credit Program allows you to learn French in an immersive setting while earning a university French credit from Western University. Current postsecondary students may be eligible for bursary funding via the Explore Program.

French Immersion for Adults

Practice your speaking skills and increase your French vocabulary during our One Week or Two Week French Immersion Programs for Adults. Make lasting memories while exploring the culture of Quebec!

French Immersion for Teachers 

Our French Teachers' Program is focused on the principles of the neurolinguistic approach to second language acquisition and the application of these principles in the FSL classroom.

French Immersion for Families 

The Family Week Program gives parents the opportunity to learn French or improve their skills, while their children participate in French language programming with planned daily activities and outings. 

Experiential Learning Practicum 

The Experiential Learning Practicum gives French teacher candidates the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the French language and gain confidence using French in the classroom and in the community.

Online Learning

Our non-credit online programming features our partner town of Trois-Pistoles and offers a variety of activities and tasks for students to improve their French and learn more about Quebecois culture.