French Immersion School

French Immersion School

The School in Trois-Pistoles

Western's French Immersion School is the oldest immersion program of its kind in Canada. Chosen in 1932 by Western University as the ideal location to facilitate the integration of French-language students into a French-speaking community, the lovely town of Trois-Pistoles, and its residents, have always been vital to the success of this unique educational experience. The School is committed to Western University's standards for academic excellence. 

Classes are held in the regional secondary school, École secondaire de Trois-Pistoles, located at 455 Jenkin Street in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

The French Immersion School offers different lengths of immersion programming:

  • Five Week Program for students eighteen and older (adults are more than welcome)
  • Two week program for French as a second language teachers, both core French and French Immersion
  • One week or two week intensive program for adults (18+)
  • One week for families with children ages 6 to 12 enrolled in French Immersion

Western's 100% francophone environment at one of the most renowned French immersion schools in Canada, is a great way to learn a new language or upgrade and enhance existing language skills.